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POS Software To Enhance Your Brand

From Our Partners by Paula Da Silva, Senior VP of Sales, CitiXsys
Branding Tech

Retailers want their brand image to come through in every aspect of store design. Attention down to the last detail provides a strong sense of a company’s culture, professionalism, and its respect and appreciation for its customers, which can leave them feeling satisfied and impressed. The atmosphere you create for shoppers is that all-important first impression on the path to creating exceptional customer experiences.

Retail technology must be a part of the plan to create the right atmosphere, complementing, not detracting from, the overall experience you are designing. Terminal point of sale (POS) hardware now includes sleeker, low-profile options that don’t interfere with sales associate-customer interaction and allow retailers to spotlight their technology alongside their merchandise. In addition, mobile, tablet-based POS gives stores an up-to-date, high-tech look while allowing sales associates to assist customers in aisles and complete payment transactions.

But the POS is more than hardware. Many stores have a POS system with customer-facing displays or with screens that flip to allow customers to sign or enter contact information, and as a result, the customer now sees more of the POS interface.

POS Software Features that Enhance Brand Image

The POS software solution you choose can include customizable features that enable you to better reflect your brand in every aspect of customer engagement:

Customer-friendly layouts. Many POS software solutions give retailers the option to customize their POS interface. A customized user interface helps employees perform their jobs more accurately and efficiently. POS design functionality can also allow stores to add POS interface elements that are more appealing to customers: logos and images, varying colors, and other elements that solidify and strengthen your brand image.

Customized receipts. A receipt isn’t always just a transaction record. Sometimes it’s a gift receipt that will be tucked inside a gift package, or it may be a loyalty program certificate informing a customer that she has just earned a reward based on loyalty points. POS solutions now allow you to customize receipts with designs that complement a store’s look and feel and that vary designs based on the type of receipt. Your customers will appreciate being able to differentiate “special” receipts from others that accumulate during a day of shopping.

Advertising Options. Customer-facing displays offer a range of possibilities for advertising. Your POS software can enable you to design advertisements customers see when waiting for their transaction to be processed or notices of special offers or events on kiosk displays. Each image is an opportunity to reflect your brand and engage customers. Don’t overlook the smaller screens on customers’ smartphones — craft texts and emails true to your brand that your POS solution can send to your customer database or push to returning customers through Wi-Fi or beacons.

CitiXsys-image-1Not Just Skin Deep

What your POS software solution can contribute to the strength of your brand is, of course, more than just what the customer sees. Your store’s POS solution can help you differentiate yourself from other retailers by helping you deliver consistent customer experiences across all channels, with, for example, real-time pricing and inventory visibility. In addition, data you collect from your retail systems enable the personalized touch you want shoppers to associate with your company – whether engaging the customer online with relevant digital offers or in-store by accessing shopping history.

A POS system’s combination of “beauty and brains” allows retailers to take every opportunity during a shopper’s path to purchase to remind them of your brand’s unique value and what you stand for.

Paula-DasilvaAbout Paula Da Silva

Paula Da Silva is the senior vice president of sales for CitiXsys, a provider of retail consulting, retail management software and point-of-sale systems with more than 1,000 customers in over 46 countries.